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For excellence in High Technology Designs, Magnetics, Power Systems and Manufacturing.

Design & Analysis

We use up to date industry software for analysis and simulation of electronic systems, and in special cases, we develop our own analysis tools to perform product design validation. To resolve a problem or find a solution, IYWI will use the most cost effective techniques.

Having proved our concepts by analysis and simulation our designs are optimized to minimize complexity and cost, our KISS philosophy ensures reliability and ease of manufacture. We avoid dependence on single source items giving our clients security and peace of mind.

We excel in Lighting Technologies, Magnetics, Power Conversion, High Voltage, RF, Filters, EMI and Scientific Instruments.

Circuit Design and Simulation

Our designs always utilize verification techniques such as Worst case Analysis (WCA), simulations, prototyping and testing to ensure conformance to our client’s requirements.
Our rigorous engineering methodology elliminates risk and guarantees reliability and product life times.

The competitive environment necessitates the launching of products in ever tighter compressed time scales. Our development and engineering disciplines negate the risks and guarantee product credibility.

Safety Approvals

Pproducts that require safety certifications need to be certified to recognized standards. We provide this work on our products which have minimal international recognition: UL, CSA or CE.

We will also undergo other certifications and compliance to other standards if required.

Specialized Designs and Simulations by Customized Development Tools

Occasionally, available software tools have limitations and cannot resolve certain aspects of new technologies or designs.

In these cases we develop and apply our own custom simulation tools.  

Our experience extends to the modeling of complex in-circuit non linear magnetic devices that FEA tools cannot perform in real time varying domains. We have also develed our own optical simulators for LiteBLOCK and other LED technologies.

RF Power Design and Simulation

Scientific and Research Institutes periodically require the use of highly linear high power RF systems not available even from the most prestigious and well known of equipment makers.

We specialize in the custom design and manufacture of such equipment ranging from fractions of a watt to multi-kilowatt modular systems.

EMC/EMI Mitigation

EMI and EMC form an integral part of power systems and equipment consuming power from the Milli-Watt range to Multi Mega-Watts levels.

We analyze EMC requirements for product categories, their intended use, and, design or develop appropriate mitigation techniques for the intended application and international standard(s).  

Where necessary, we design and build specialized LISNs to enable the proper characterization of the intended application.

International Standards

Spectral Analysis & Measurement


MathCad, MatLab Simulink, PSPICE and Infolytica Simulation

Our standard package engineering tools enable us to perform detailed analysis of any problem presented to us.

MathCAD, Matlab Simulink, PSPICE and Infolytica FEA are our most commonly used tools in the design, analysis and verification of electronic or magnetic circuitry.

During a project our pro-active staff interacts closely with our clients and frequently reviews engineering models to ensure requirements are met.

Often we are required to create new magnetic material formulations to solve unique problems.