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For excellence in HIgh Technology Designs, Magnetics, Power Systems and Manufacturing.

About Us

We excel in the resolution of scientific and industrial problems by innovation, research and development. In specializing in the fields of magnetic and power conversion technologies for science and industry, we provide solutions for power and lighting industries, research institutions and also for many other domains.

Our Strengths


Magnetics Design
Problem Solving
Electronic Design
Fast Prototyping
Product development

State of the art computing tools and software enable us to provide rapid resolution of problems; our strengths are derived from many areas of experience of our staff and dedication to excellence and quality of service.   

Our Successes

Our staff has provided countless innovations for our clients in areas of industrial lighting, power conversion, aerospace, medical and aesthetic electronics.  

We have provided innovative technologies for our clients who now hold patents in the following sectors:

  • Bioelectronics
  • Power Distribution
  • Lighting Industry
  • RF Epilation
  • Power Control (Magnetic Amplifiers)
  • Power Control (HF Ferroresonance)
  • Power Control (Power Factor Correction)
  • Power Supplies (SM, zero-current, zero-voltage)
  • Power (High Voltage Transformers)
  • Auto Industry (ICE Ignition system)

Prototype Distribution Transformer

Energy efficiency becoming increasingly more important in a greener world demands new techniques and new technologies to attain energy savings. In obtaining the most efficient conversion methods ever devised, considerable innovation in the utilization of materials and heat transport phenomena is required.

Our staff has developed for our clients superior magnetics technologies to enable very low transformer loss factors to be achieved with low cost materials not previously obtained.

Bioelectronic Insect Repelling Device

The control of potentially dangerous insects is not without controversy, chemical repellants and indiscriminative destruction of many species has an enormously negative impact on our environment.

Our mission is to avoid these aspects and to develop equipment, which not only produces the desired end result, but does so with zero negative health impacts. Our R & D department consults and works with renowned experts and international institutions and establishments to ensure that correct and most rigorous methodology is applied in resolving pertinent issues.

In applying this methodology we are able to embark on a line of research which encompasses many disciplines and branches of science to solve the most formidable of problems.


Patent Preparation

In the course of developing products for our clients, frequently innovative features are implemented which result in patentable technology.

Our clients can benefit from reduced costs in protecting their products by capitalizing on our extensive experience in the patent process. We perform preliminary research; prepare documentation for applicable protection in the United States, Canada or Europe (PCT).     

Our patent experience extends in the following fields:

  • Bioelectronics
  • Electronic Power Conversion
  • Bio-Medical
  • Magnetics
  • Lighting
  • Power Distribution