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Our LiteBLOCK LED luminaire series are Patent and Trademark protected - culminating from many years of innovation, development and testing employ the most dependable components and materials available. Our extensive knowledge of "Hi-Rel" design and manufacture enable us to offer very reliable products in an industry which had experienced many set-backs and problems due to its infancy and rapidly growing market demand. For Distribution and Sales, contact:

AEDL Inc. Michael Walsh
Telephone:+353 863811301

For manufacturing our partners Lightron Technologies Inc. ( provide the expertise in SMT, TH, Final Assembly and Test of many types of products, but specialize in LiteBLOCK Luminaires.

LiteBLOCK High-Bay & Outdoor Lighting

Our standard LiteBLOCK luminaires for High-Bay and Outdoor applications are offered in 12 Inch and 17 Inch round modules operating from 120Lm/W to 150Lm/W in 15KLM to 40KLM output levels (LOD). All units meet International safety standards and Certified to pertinent North American and European CE Directives.

Our proprietary software or Dialux freeware estimate client project requirements.

We also provide 3rd Party certifications such as Sphere Test Reports (To CIE 84-1989, IESNA LM-16-93, IESNA LM-58-94, IES LM-79-08, ANSI C82.77-2002) and Moving Mirror Goniophotometer Reports (To IESNA LM-15-03, IES LM-79-08, ANSI C82.77-2002.)

LiteBLOCK is registered with various Carbon Offset programs in North America and Europe.(Complies with DLC requirements)

LiteBLOCK has successfully submitted our products to the Triple E specified product list with SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland)


Corresponding IES files can be used for Dialux or other simulation tools.

Sports Lighting- Nema 2 to 7 Optics & Anti Glare

We provide solutions for Amateur and Profesional Sports organizations which had project approval by SEAI (Ireland) for green energy tax credits.

Our sport event solutions are always to local and/or international requirements:

IES    (Illuminating Engineering Society)
IECC   Commercial Lighting Requirements of the 2015 IECC
FAI     (Football Association of Ireland)
FIFA   (Fédération Internationale de Football Association)
FIH   (Fédération Internationale de Hockey)
NCAA   (National Collegiate Athletic Association)
NFL    (National Football League)