For excellence in High Technology Designs, Magnetics, Power Systems and Manufacturing.


We manufacture many types of systems and sub-systems; specializing in power convertors, magnetics, standard or custom: H.F. Planar Transformers, Magnetic Amplifiers, Signal and Power Transformers, Chokes and special H.V. applications. We also do “design in magnetics” for our clients using RF transformers into PCB assemblies SMT or TH.Our international manufacturing partners whom provide the expertise in SMT, TH, Final Assembly and Test of many types of products, but also specializing in LiteBLOCK Luminaires.

LiteBLOCK Luminaire Patented Vacuum Encapsulation Process

Our team expertise in physics, magnetics, power conversion, lighting, LED technologies chemical processes and state of the art manufacture enable the resolution of problems that have plagued the rapidly developing lighting industry.

Photo: 20KLM LiteBLOCK High-Bay Luminaire undergoing patented vacuumn encapsulation process.

Magnetic Amplifiers

We excel in magnetic amplifier designs which are re-emerging as the preferred control technique in medium power sized converters.

Choosing the most cost efficient topology for a power converter is not always easy; magnetic amplifiers in many cases simplify design, increase reliability and reduce complexity and cost.

Signal and Power Transformers

We manufacture all types of HF magnetics ranging from multi-KW power devices to low power signal and control transformers.


Specialized High Voltage

We will undertake any challenge where others have failed and provide specialized power and magnetics products for the high voltage industry. We have provided EHV transformers operating at frequencies from several KHz to several MHz. The example on the right is a pulsed 120KV 250KHz transformer.

"Designed-In" RF Planar

Our power and RF expertise extends to medical products in the ISM bands where total solutions are offered for a variety of applications.

The PCB on the right encompasses planar RF transformers operating at 13.56MHz.

We will design to our client's preferences, TH or muti-layer SMT.