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For excellence in High Technology Designs, Magnetics, Power Systems and Manufacturing.

Product Development

We design and develop products from initial concept to final client requirements. No project is too small or too large; our development and manufacturing parners offer unequaled support in manufacture and customer service.

Our product development activities are closely tied to our manufacturing partners.

LED Optics - Lens Development for Sports Lighting

Our R & D department provide unique solutions in the disciplines of optical engineering: Beam forming, CCT adjustment, and CRI maximization of LED arrays and luminaires.

Our patented compound lens optics provides good beam control with minimal CCT variance and improved CRI.

Picture at right: A compound lens structure for a 6,000 LED array for our 80 KLM LiteBLOCK sports light.

Ballasts and Drivers for Lighting- LED Power Solutions

We innovate new power conversion techniques to provide efficiencies approching 96% for LED lighting and other applications.

Our power conversion portfolio has provided innovative designs from fractions of a watt to multi-KW applications.

All AC power converters operate at high power factors (>0.98), low THD and comply with International safety and performance requirements.

 LED lighting power systems require innovative approaches for cost effectiveness, and high efficiency, our capabilities surpass the ordinary!

Pictures; Top Right: 150W Drivers for our LiteBLOCK 20KLM 17 Inch High-Bay luminaire.

Bottom Right: 640W Driver for 80KLM Sports Light



Custom Power Supplies to Exacting Requirements

Providing high volume, high reliability, lighting power converters at low cost, is a challenge for anyone. Innovative minimization techniques and extreme Hi-Rel engineering knowledge are necessities for product integrity and long term client satisfaction.  

Our specialization in Hi-Rel power conversion is applied not only to areospace but also for lighting and industrial applications.


During design, CAD and value engineering ensures that every aspect of the product development cycle meets performance and our QC standards.

We will also undertake cost reduction projects for existing products to permit competitiveness with no compromises.

Picture at right: 350W PF corrected multiple output power convertor employing magnetic amplifiers.