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For excellence in HIgh Technology Designs, Magnetics, Power Systems and Manufacturing.

Prototyping Services

Our designs are proven by fast prototyping methods depending on client’s choice. Vector-board or PCB prototypes demonstrate to our clients the effectiveness of our designs giving options for amendments or changes if desired. Once prototype build is completed, a thorough test and validation program ensures integrity of the design.

RF & Power Custom Products

Once a design is completed and modeled, we can provide ‘clean’ prototypes to our clients for verification and test; which may be of vector-board or PCB variants of the final design. This procedure allows rapid pre-production models to be fabricated avoiding expensive production tooling changes later on.

We specialize in RF and Power products and our prototyping techniques have proved invaluable when integrated these products into larger systems; expensive ‘bugs’ can be avoided in larger systems. Our prototype testing and verification techniques may also be applied to low power analog and digital applications.

Examples on the right show a vector-board prototype RF Diathermy device.


Waveguide Switch

Occasionally clients may require Engineering Models where the design process is more formalized for military or space applications.

We provide engineering resource for projects varying from TRL1 through to TRL5. The unit on the right is an example of a prototype magnetically activated waveguide switch for airborne and satellite applications.