For excellence in High Technology Designs, Magnetics, Power Systems and Manufacturing.

Research & Development

We will undertake Research and Development to resolve longstanding industrial problems, our proof of concept (POC) prototypes provide validity of innovative features to our clients. We can provide vector-board or PCB prototypes to demonstrate that critical performance parameters/objectives are met. We also provide options for amendments or changes if desired. Once prototypes are built, thorough test and validation programs ensure integrity of the new design. We perform R & D functions for our clients that use part or all of our manufacturing services. In some cases we may waive R&D costs if production volumes can show ROI.


RF & Power Custom Products

Once a POC design is completed and modeled, we provide ‘clean’ prototypes for our clients for verification and test; the prototypes elliminate risk in the development process and may even be of 1st article PCBs of the final product. This procedure allows rapid pre-production models to be fabricated avoiding expensive production tooling changes later on.

Our specialization in custom RF and Power products has proved indispensable for clients when integrating into larger and more complex systems; expensive ‘bugs’ are avoided.


Figures:Top- Real-Time flux density characterization for a wide range input Power Convertor.

RHS Bottom: 150W Miniaturized Avionic Radar Power Supply for the RF PA.


Waveguide Switch

We have developed high speed magnetic circulator switches providing > 40dB isolation between open and closed ports. We provide Engineering Models and later formalized for military or space applications.

We provide engineering resource for projects varying from TRL1 through to TRL5. The unit on the right is an example of a waveguide switch for airborne and satellite applications.